LIEBOT Whitepaper


The LIEBOT project is based on preparatory works by Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel, who created the GOODBOT together with his team. He has published several articles on this subject and presented automatic strategies with a view to lying. The LIEBOT prototype was implemented by Kevin Schwegler, in his bachelor thesis in business informatics for the School of Business FHNW. He was supported by Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel and Prof. Dr. Bradley Richards.

The objective of the LIEBOT project is to give practical evidence of the potential of lies and risks of natural language systems. Online media and websites create or aggregate more and more texts automatically (robo-content) and robo-journalism is growing. Natural language chatbots are becoming very popular. The risk of deliberately introduced bias in such systems is apparent. The goal of the LIEBOT is be able to produce untruths and to respond in a morally inadequate manner, as a means of investigating both the mechanics and the ethics of lie production.

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